Custom Softwares


It software development - We create custom software tailored for you
Our main profile is creating custom-tailored It software.

We create:

Web based softwares from simple home pages to the complex portals. Possibilities:


Custom software communication


Different useful functions as:


Unique, special softwares from the little programs to the big, complicated enterprise systems

Opportunity to connect to an external, internet based portal. Using this method the database of internal software (that runs on a Windows network) and the database of the external portal are the same. This solution provides a very flexible system.
If a part of the database appears on the Internet e.g. a list of products, then when the administrator of the company inserts a new kind of product or modifies an existing product then the change can be seen immediately on the home page of the company.
In this case of course care should be taken of database protection against outside intruders.
There are different, well-tried ways for this.


What are the steps of creating a custom software?


What are the steps of creating a software?