Lifetime guarantee

That developer surely lies, who states that the custom software -which will be handed to the client- is perfect. Every software can contain errors. The software developed by us can contain errors too, regardless of the big experience we have. The most errors can be noticed in the first 2 weeks from the beginning of using the software. There was a case, when an error was noticed after a complex custom software had been used for 2 years. If you find any error in our custom business-management-softwares we always fix it free, regardless of the elapsed time (even 10 years later after finishing the software).


No compromises

You get what you want. A unique software will work exactly the way you want it. 

It is like a private tailor made suit, which is customized on you. So as the custom software would be as good as possible you have to give a very detailed description about what functions the custom program should have.


We give more than what you'd expect

Yes, You read it right. We set the bar high in the quality. Therefore the client becomes pleasantly disappointed: the custom software usually has much more extra features than we described in the contract in the taks’s specification.


We reduce Your costs and increase Your revenue

Complete custom software solutions for companies or individuals that help reduce costs, increase their income and they can centralize all incoming and outgoing information.

In the most cases -according to our clients- the developed custom softwares returned the invested price within 3-12 months.


We take off the work from your shoulders

By using our effective custom software packages you don’t need to pay so much attention to your paperworks, records. With a really good program the manpower can be reduced, because less people can do the same work.


Our main profile is the unique software development

Why important this?
We have more experience and practice in custom software development, than those firms who only occasionally (eg once or twice a year) are made up of custom program. A large portion of our revenues consists of custom software development.


Unique custom solutions

We use a considerable part of our incomes to continuously expand our component packages which helps us to offer the most modern solutions to the users in the usability and functionality too.


The most of our software developers have a lot of experience – our 3 most experienced developers’s can boast with more than 20 years programming experience.