Stock Management software (inventory, stock, rental, webshop softwares)

We develop our stock management software on daily basis so the demo software might not be up to date. On demand we can send the newest demo software for you or we can show it using webinar.


Our Stock Management software is modular. If you want to a simple Stock management software, You can have it! You do not have to pay for all the modules.

  • Minimum inventory monitoring
  • You can choose: gross or net based pricing
  • Touch screen

Webshop extension! If you buy our webshop module, you can synchronize the Stock management software database and  webshop database with one click!

The properties of the Webshop module:

  • Webshop
  • Continuous synchronize between our Stock management software and webshop.
  • Easy to use user interface
  • You can modify your products, clients, pictures etc. any time, You can see the orders, statistics etc.
  • Doesn't require Internet skills

Other Stock management software properties:

  • Shows the last 30 days weight loss of all items
  • Barcode management
  • Unique serial products management
  • Flexible inventory management
  • Detailed logging
  • Browse movements
  • You can use differently status for the distrobutors and clients
  • Store cards with barcode
  • Customer balance monitoring
  • Voucher management
  • 3 types of price range per product
  • Service manangement
  • Custom prise for product and/or product group
  • You can moving your products between different Stock with storage device (without Internet)
  • You can moving your products between different Stock with Cloud system (with Internet)
  • Hotkey avaible for important moduls
  • Detailed permissions and user management.
  • Logbook. You can write special comment with timestamp. The Stock management sofware save your user name, so You can trace any event at anytime.
  • Categorise your comment! Ex.: "waste", "unavailable"
  • Different color for perspicuity
  • In the multiuser system, all user can make custom design. Set the color of datafield background and all the letter options.
  • Finished and semi-finished products and auxiliary treatment
  • Managing items what stored in length (pl. el lehet adni 359 centit és a program számolja a maradék darabokat).
  • Pictures upload for products
  • The user can save own settings; order and width of collumns etc
  • You can change the skin of the sofware (from simple black skin to Valentine's day skin)

Rental software is very useful as their wedding dress rental, event planning companies, car rental companies.