Project management software can be completely transparent to the company's financial efficiency
and effectiveness of staff work performance.

The Project management software is one of the uncountable modul of CRM and Stock management software. If You want to use it, You must buy our CRM software.

Learn more about our CRM software: Here.

The union of two software is create an effective system, what save a lot of money per month to the program user.

The project management software is made with the latest tools and a lot of research work was preceded the development, that we offer the most effective solution to the user.

Project management software's moduls:

Multi user system with permission
Use Your accounts in group! (ex.: director, worker, cleaning).
A user can belong to several groups at once.


Product management in the project management software
You can service your product in this modul (price, weight etc.).


Unique prise for the products
You can determine the price discount in percentage and amount of the products and product groups to each company. (The discount is only concern to the product, while the discount percentage is equally concern to the products and product groups)


Status service in Project management software
You can set Your project status, color of the project etc. One project at a time in a status. One project only can have one status.


Base datas of Project management software:

  • Project ID(You can't modify it)
  • Project name
  • Project description
  • Beginning of the project
  • Eng of the project
  • Priority (1-10)
  • "Closed?" (checkbox)
  • Status (You can choose it)
  • Customer (You can choose the Customer from the CRM software)
  • You can choose the contact person: one or more
  • Project price: aggregate price of the item (read-only, the program will calculate)
  • Project price: aggregate price paid for the items (read-only, the program will calculate)
  • Project total expenditure: expenditure summary (read-only, the program will calculate)
  • Total Project Expenditures: Summary of expenditure (read-only, the program will calculate)
  • Project price paid total aggregate price paid for the item (read-only, the program will calculate)
  • Total Earnings Project: Summary of revenue expenditure (read-only, the program will calculate)
  • Total Earnings cashed Project: has been paid to the revenue-expenditure summary (read-only, the program will calculate)
  • Advance amount: If not filled in, the program does not take into account
  • advance payment? (Checkbox)
  • Parent Project: To select a different Project is a project to Project as a parent, the parent form contains the Project's financial information under Projects.


Project Items (Revenue)
You can choose the items from the product body. You can added unlimited items to project. If You make a new item, the Project sofware automatically load that prise, but You can override it.

You can attach the term and name of the worker to all items. (Milestone)

With a checkbox you can set all the items to see on the printable document.

The prices of the items is the total price of the project income.

On the project window you can see side by side the income of the project and the cost of the project on one table.

The rows of the project incomes and outlays have in visually groups, like: preparation, rotation, post, other. The user convert these groups and groups content.


Project – Expenses
On the sheet of the project You can be added the project cost. The program count the project costs and show the benefits of the project.


Project – Other payment details
This is a separately table, which You can recording the different payment. With this modul, Your client can safety installment.


Residual amounts  in the project management software
Program is automatically show the dept of the client.


Responsible of project
You can choose the responsible of the project.


Project grupping
You can grupping a "normal" project under a collector project. Benefit: You can see the costs per project, or all cost the projects.


Duplicate projects
With the Duplicate Project button You can duplicate the project with new name.
You have lot of duplicate options: only the contract templates or bid templates etc.


Project - calendar entries
If someone make a calendar entries, She/He can choose the Project (ex.: Development for XY Inc.), and the item of that project (ex.: software development).

With this modul, the Project software can be communication with the CRM software. The Project sofware can be calculated costs, because may have a custom wage to all colleagues.

Moreover may have a custom cost of the specific item, what used our colleague. For example using a phone to call our clients, then the full cost is the next: The wage of the colleague + the price of the call or making a movie with a leased camera, than the full cost is the next: The wage of the colleague + the price of the leased camera.


Project browsing in the project management software
You can see all project: the closed projects and the open projects. The table displays use different color scheme to the status of the projects.

Display data fields:

  • Project ID(You can't modify it)
  • Project name
  • Project description
  • Beginning of the project
  • Eng of the project
  • Priority (1-10)
  • "Closed?" (checkbox)
  • You can search in the visible fields

Responsible person
May be record your colleagues, who responsible for the project. (Beside the main responsible)


Client contact person
You can choose the contact person for the project.


Prepare specification in the project management software
Similar to the bid, but not showed the prices. This is useful if you want a lot of negotiation about what the customer really want to do (do not want to count any bid for item, which may need not be the client)


Prepare bid
Form the project you can easly make a bid from the items, which output showed on the screen. (You can print it, make pdf or xls.) The program is using the items of the project to make a bid.
You can easly change the header and the footer of the bid, from the saved templates.


Write a bid!
With this modul You can write unlimited bid for one project. You can choose the actual bid. Default bid is the last.


Write a contract!
In the software you can save contract patterns, which you can use in the project. The software is subtite the next columns in the contract:

  • our company datas
  • client datas
  • Project name
  • Project price (gross and net)
  • Project start and end time
  • You can print the contract, or export to .pdf, rtf.


Project management software built in CRM software, so the CRM software is required to operate it!

Project management software allows you to easily keep track of your entire workflow of a project. Project You can use a program to facilitate the workflow.