The CRM Software
If you can bring in revenue to the customers, you'll love our system!

CRM, or customer relationship management system is a method that allows customers to retain their long-term, and we can satisfy.

Our CRM software system features:

  • Partner data base records
  • Extra fields, for example:
        • greetings
        • birthday
        • photo
        • job
        • Skype, Windows Live Messenger (The CRM software will automatically call the Skype, so you do not have to search for the recipient of Skype)
        • Twitter
        • Facebook
        • favorite day of the partners (when it is advisable to call the contact) eg. Thursdays
        • favorite time of the partners (when it is advisable to call the contact) eg. Between 10 and 14 hours
        • our contact (the people who work in our company and our partners to keep in touch with)


  • Unlimited contact can be applied per customer in the CRM software.
  • Name day: the program in pop-up window warns you when a contact name day. 
  • The program already contains all the name-day installation, which can be expanded.
  • You can set how many days in advance, let me know (it is possible, it is important that a client must be present, in which case it is appropriate to set a reminder for a few days earlier)
  • Birthdays mark the program a popup warning if a partner's birthday in the CRM software.
  • The CRM software takes into account the number of days in advance to be alert.
  • The partners shall be assigned to such status. "London-client", "Do not pay in time," etc..
  • Per partner can assign an unlimited number of status in the CRM software.
  • Fast searching, sorting, filtering all the data. The filter criteria can save it to a file that can be easily reload on next time.
  • The partner to export data to Excel, colorful, molded
  • Event recording. Event category and ordered phases in the CRM software
  • Per customer and group graphs, reports
  • Reminders can be made into a visual calendar function. The reminder can be converted to a click event. The calendar can be printed on a printer-friendly format different in appearance (eg daily, weekly, monthly, annual, ongoing viewpoints) in the CRM software
  • The calendar can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook
  • E-mail templates. The template consists of two parts: a Heading that identifies, as well as an HTML e-mail. The template to insert data fields, eg. name, date of birth etc, which the CRM software in use behelyettesít to create a completely unique and personalized is the letter, not to mention the amount of time it save (once only in a letter to write, and even thousands of companies to be sent).
  • Group emailing. The template is selected in more than one client can send the same letter (but personified all)
  • Verbose logging: each partner can view the who, when, what made the customer in the CRM software